IPO Report – Week of February 6th to 10th

This is the IPO Report for the week of February 6th to 10th, 2017.

IPOs Priced this Week

There have been no pricings this week.

IPOs Expected this Week

There are 3 expected IPOs this week.

Company Name Symbol Market Price Expected IPO Date
Clipper Realty Inc. CLPR NYSE 13.50-15.50 2/10/2017
Foundation Building Materials, Inc. FBM NYSE 17.00-19.00 2/10/2017
Sachem Capital Corp. SACH NYSE MKT $5.00 2/10/2017

Companies that Filed for IPOs

Company Name Symbol Offer Amount Date Filed
Sg Blocks, Inc. SGBX $13,800,000 2/6/2017
Hiclasst, Inc. $100,000 2/6/2017
Valeritas Holdings Inc. $50,000,000 2/6/2017

IPOs Withdrawn this Week

No companies withdrawn from their potential IPO this week. Check out our list of upcoming IPOs.

IPO Reports are updated throughout the week with new information.

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